On August 19, 1998 five Northern Conservatory of Music Alumni met at Nokomus High School to discuss the possibility of starting a Northern Conservatory of Music Alumni Association.  Everett Simpson, '71, from Corinna has put in a lot of time and energy getting materials from the State on incorporating as a Non-profit organization and has done a lot of roadwork trying to get as much information from the State as possible concerning incorporating, getting lists of Conservatory Graduates in the teaching field, etc.   He has had very little support or luck in the latter. 


Means and ways of contacting people were discussed such as getting a list of Music teachers from MMEA, getting names from the Dept. of Education (They have not been overly helpful as yet), and word of mouth-pass it on, which will probably be the most effective. 


The five people present brainstormed thinking of names of former Conservatory graduates and we came up with quite a few.  Computer Guru Arnold Poland, Dover Foxcroft, will compile all the names and addresses submitted to him on a master list and we will attempt to contact as many as possible, so if you know of the address or whereabouts of some of the people on the list, or you can add names to the list, please help us out by doing so.


Discussed also was the purpose of this Association.  It was decided that as well as keeping friends in touch it could be an organization which could, through a small membership fee, provide a music scholarship each year.  Different aspects of fundraising, etc. were discussed as well.


It was decided that a slate of officers was needed and they were elected? (drafted is more accurate) as follows:


                  President:/Treasurer:      Everett Simpson

                                                                        RFD #1  Box #4830

                                                                        Corinna, Me.  04928


                  Vice President:                    Bruce Brown

                                                                        46 Ridge Rd.

                                                                        Palmyra, Me.  04965


                  Secretary:                               Bea Farmer Milewski

                                                                        PO Box #507

                                                                        Strong, Maine  04938

                                                                        Tel:  684-4261


                  Computer Compiler:         Arnold Poland

                                                                        PO Box #45

                                                                        Dover-Foxcroft, Me.  04426

                                                                        Tel:  564-8496   Office:564-2760                 Fax:  207-564-8394



                                                                        Carolyn Strout Brasslet

                                                                        RR#2 Box 263

                                                                        Melody Lane

                                                                        Bradford, Me.  04410


You may send your information concerning addresses and additional names to any of the above people and they will see they get passed along to Arnie to put them together.


If you know the addresses of any of the people on the list, please send them a copy of this letter and the form and ask them to do the same.  We're hoping this will have a snowball effect and we'll end up with many, many names and interested persons.


Thanks and we hope to hear from as many people as possible.

                                                                                                                                                Bea Milewski

Please send, fax, or E-Mail Arnie the information for his computer.





Tel. #_______________________Fax #____________________

Graduated class of:____________________________________

Additional names I can think of not on the list:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Here is the list:


Linda Nash                                             Sandy and Dave Hovey                 Don Hovey

Paul Howe                                             Brenda & Jacques LaPalme           Walter Duguay

Maggie Burgoyne Emery                          Mike McClure                            Larry Cook

James Lowell                                          Marlene Hall                               Marilyn Hall

Debbie Ryan                                           Mary Maurice Towne                   Ken Almeda

Mike Sturdy                                           Jackie Martin                              Chip Farnham

Jerry Bates                                             Dale Huff                                   Don Saunders

Bob Gillam                                            Cheryl Gillam                             Lou Harper

Steve & Cindy Hudson                            Ralph & Liz Vose                       Stan Buchanan

Anita Plourde                                         Darryl Wallace                            Art Chicoring

Frank Walker                                          Jack Clifford                               Ralph Turner

Jim Whitten                                           Jean Seigler                                Kay Bither

Dorothy Eseltine                                     Carolyn Nolette Edgecomb            Dora Judkins

David Saucier                                         Art Lagasse                                Jim Grandmont

Jayne Veayo                                           Glen Corell                                Patty Eames

Jerry & Gail Burns                                  Jean Locke                                 Kathy Call

John Stewart                                           Claudia Grigess                           Sandy Sloan

Cheryl McFadden                                    Clyde Bean                                Clyde Snow

Linda Lagasse                                         Jim Shepherd                              Carol Match

Jan & Tim Gallant                                   Betty McDonald                          Laura Douglas

Katharine Foley                                       Dick Saucier                               Connie Poland

Rick Hamilton                                        Bill Furbish                               Roger Whitney

Steve Orlofsky                                        Clyde Weston                             Greg Stevens

Charles Milewski                                    Casey White                               Steve Helstrom

Bob Troccolo                                          Dave Piver                                 Sally Towle

Don Dutill                                             Dawn & Henry Noonan                Jim Pearson

Frank Whitcomb                                     Cindy Whitcomb                         Cathy Rooney

Sherry Gilbert                                         Jan & Tim Ordway                      Jane Worden