of the 1929-1973

Northern Conservatory of Music

Alumni Newsletter


Volume 2         No. #1                                         April, 2000 


Greetings to all.  As we approach the last quarter of the school year we can take time to reflect around our busy schedules and look forward to seeing old friends again.  Be sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming dates for the Alumni Association to meet. At our August get-together at he Isaac Farrar mansion it was voted to hold a meeting during All-State.  The meeting will be on Friday, May 19 from 12-1 PM so as not to conflict with other meetings.  It will be held in the Whittier Room at the Grand Summit Hotel and Conference Center at Sunday River.  This is located on Route #26 which goes off from Route #2.  Included in this packet accompanying the newsletter you will find a "draft" copy of the By-laws for your perusal and recommendations for changes/additions/deletions will be discussed and the final draft will be sent out for a vote to be returned by mail. The next meeting which will be held on August 20th for 2-4 PM at the Symphony House on Union Street in Bangor.   There are some important issues to discuss and it's always fun to see old friends.


Remember:  it is a new year and if you wish to continue to be part of the membership each year you need to send in your $10.00 to Everett Simpson.  An application form is included on the bottom of this page so clip it out and send it in.  It is our hope to have enough of a membership and enough funds that in time we can offer a scholarship each year to some worthy student.  It would be a nice memoriam to the Conservatory and the educators it produced to have a scholarship given in it's name.


Enjoy the picture and article about A. Stanley Cayting and Adelbert Wells Sprague.  Everett with a lot of effort salvaged the picture and we appreciate the time and money spent to retrieve some of these irreplaceable documents.  Anyone coming in August will be able to see other pictures, etc. he has been collecting.


Anyone who has articles or pictures he or she would like to send to me to use in upcoming newsletter please send them along.  I guarantee you will receive them back.  Also, any information about something one of our notable graduates or attendees might have attained or done would be of interest to all.  Again, I guarantee you will receive any pictures, articles, etc. back if you will send them to me to use.   


Newsletters this year will go out after the May meeting, after the August meeting, and one more in the Fall, so there are plenty of opportunities to send information.  Perhaps you have a question about something or someone at the Conservatory?  The newsletter presently goes out to about 70 people so there's a good chance you'll get an answer if you submit the question!!


Hope to see you at both the May and August meetings.  Don't forget to get your membership sent back to Everett as soon as possible.