Alumni Association of the 1929-1973

Northern Conservatory of Music

Alumni Meeting

August 20, 2000


The second annual Alumni Meeting was held at the Isaac Farrar Mansion at 166 Union St., Bangor.  Many more people attended this year.

Everett opened the meeting and talked about the meeting held in May at All-State in Bethel.  He discussed articles of incorporation, memberships, and by-laws. He gave the treasurer's report and then proceeded to election of officers.

            President:  Everett Simpson                     Vice President:  Bruce Brown

            Secretary:  Bea Milewski                        Treasurer:  Everett Simpson

            Board of Directors:

            Everett Simpson                                      Stan Buchanan

            Arnold Poland                                        Art Lagasse

            Lou Harper

By-laws were discussed for any changes, etc.  Everett explained by-laws can be changed at any time according to the needs of the organization.

Goals of the music scholarship fund were discussed and the following ideas were entertained as possibilities for fund raising:

1) Increase dues to $20.00.

2) Make a plea for donations from Alumni.

3) Increase the mailing list by sending out a copy of who is or isn't on the list and whose address is known/unknown.

Cindy Hudson made a motion dues be increased to $20.00 a member and Diana Mosher seconded it.  It was voted on unanimously. This will start with the year 2001. It was suggested a more detailed membership application be developed to allow for donations, lifetime membership, etc.

A mailing list will be sent out with the present list of members for whom we have an address along with a list of known alumni we have no address for in hopes people will add names and addresses of some of our unknowns.

Our historical collection and memorabilia needs a place to be stored.  Suggestions were made: 

1)     Bangor Historical Society.  

2)     Maine State Library Archives in Augusta. 

3)     Maine State Historical Society in Portland.


A survey of who has what, how much, and what he/she would be willing to donate needs to be done.  This could be incorporated into a newsletter.

It was suggested that the next meeting take place on May 18, 2001 at the All-State Music Festival in Lewiston.  The meeting will be from 4-5 and Everett will find out what room can be used for this.  Henry Noonan made a motion and Marlene Hall seconded it that this be done.  It was voted on unanimously.

We went around the group and each one stated his/her name and what year/years or connection with the Conservatory she or he had.  Then the meeting was adjourned and many went to Miller's for a meal and sociability renewing old friendships.

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                Beatrice F. Milewski, Secretary