VOL. 3     NUMBER 1

MARCH 20, 2001


Happy SPRING!!!                Well....almost.  Hello out there all of you in newsletter land.  Here we are right in between the Christmas concerts and the whole Spring Fling thing.  I hope your Spring is going well.


This newsletter is a reminder of the items we discussed at the Alumni meeting last August.  First off, please find a revised and more detailed application blank for your annual membership dues.  It includes a place where you can make a further donation toward the scholarship fund.  For those of you who weren't there, we discussed the value of having a scholarship in the name of the Conservatory, and to perpetuate this we need to have a heftier balance then the couple of hundred dollars we have now.  It was suggested to increase the dues and at the same time allow for further donations for those who wish to do so.


We also would like to increase our alumni list to include many names and addresses we don't have as yet.  We have 81 names and addresses but we have many names with no addresses.  I'm sure there are many names we have missed and if anyone can fill in any missing names or addresses it would be greatly appreciated.  These could be sent to Everett along with your membership - or - you could just E-Mail them to me:       It is really important to keep our mailing list updated.  Thanks in advance for all your help.  I am including a list of names for which we do have addresses (If you would like any of these just make a request of me and I will get it/them to you).  I am also including a list of names for which we do not have addresses.  Please take a minute to look through and see if you can add any addresses or perhaps you have the name of an alumnus not even listed.


VERY IMPORTANT: The next meeting will be held on May 18, 2001, the Friday of All-State.  All-State is in Lewiston this year at Lewiston High School.  The meeting will be held from 4-5 and Everett will be making arrangements for a room and will let all know which room it will be in.  Please try and attend.


Please send your membership in to Everett as soon as possible and don't forget, if you'd like an address just let me know.





Membership Application 2001 Calendar Year


NAME:_________________________________________________  TEL:_________


Mailing Address:____________________________Town:___________St.___ Zip____




Contribution to Scholarship Fund ________________


                                    Total Enclosed ___________________


Make check payable to :  Alumni Association of the 1029-1973 Northern Conservatory of Music, and enclose with application form to:

                                                                                                                              Everett Simpson

                                                                                                                              88 Pleasant Vale Road

                                                                                                                              Corinna, Maine  04928