Friday, May 18, 2001, 4:00-5:00 P.M.
 Lewiston High School
 East Avenue, Lewiston, Me.

Stan Buchanan, Sherry Gilbert, Marlene Hall, Robert Helstrom, Art Lagasse, Steve Orlofsky, Everett Simpson, Roger Whitney.

 The semi-annual meeting of the Alumni Association convened at the site of the 2001 All-State Music Festival.  It is generally agreed that each year's All-State festival site provides the best opportunity for attendance at the association's semi-annual meeting.

1.  Secretary's Report:  In absence of secretary, Bea Milewski, Everett Simpson reported that the association presently has 28 members.  There are 3 life members and 25 annual members of the association.  The secretary has compiled a list of names and all known addresses of former conservatory students and faculty members.

2.  Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Everett Simpson reported a checking account balance of $1,357.00 as of May 17, 2001.

3.  Nominating Committee:  A vote by those members present authorized the board of directors to nominate a slate of officers and directors for election at the annual meeting in August.

4.  Alumni Directory Committee:  Roger Whitney volunteered to search the Conservatory's Transcript files at the Department of Education in the State Office building in Augusta.  The historical research project is limited to student name, address, major course of study, and years attended the Conservatory.  Whitney requested a letter of authorization from the association, allowing him to contact the department of education.

5.  Scholarship Committee:  In lieu of establishing an official scholarship committee, Stan Buchanan volunteered to research scholarship information and report to the members at the August meeting.  A scholarship committee will eventually be established by the association.

6.  August 19, 2001 meeting:  The association's third annual meeting will b e held at the Isaac Farrar mansion, 166 Union Street, Bangor, Maine, from 3:00-5:00 P.M.  Everett Simpson will contact Peggy Wentworth of the ` to reserve a meeting room at the former conservatory building.  The fee for renting a room for 2 hours is $50.00.

7.  Other Business:  The mailing list of former conservatory students is an ongoing project.  Anyone wishing to find an address of a former student may contact Everett Simpson or Bea Milewski to request if that particular individual is one of the 100 or so addresses we have at present.
         Reported by:
         Everett Simpson
         NCM Alumni Assoc.