ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of the 1929-1973

Northern Conservatory of Music

Alumni Newsletter


Volume 4 No. 2                                                June 16, 2002



May 24, 2002

University of Maine
 Orono Campus

Everett Simpson, Bruce Brown, Roger Whitney, Robert Helstrom, Steve Orlofsky, Dawn Noonan, Henry Noonan, Doretta York

 The semi-annual meeting of the Alumni Association convened at the site of the 2002 All-State Music Festival.  It is generally agreed that each year's All-State festival site provides the best opportunity for attendance at the association's semi-annual meeting.

The class of 1973 had perfect attendance, as usual. Not hard since the class of 1973 has but three graduates. Dawn & Henry Noonan and myself.


The attendees spent the first 40 minutes reviewing the list of NCM people that we have not been able to contact due to lack of addresses, etc. It turned into a real trip down memory lane. “I remember so & so, do you remember the time that Mr. Mague…” Wish you all had been there, maybe I will reprint the “lost alumni list” for the Annual Meeting and we can do this again at Millers during dinner.


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Everett Simpson reported a checking account balance of $3,487.11 as of May 24, 2002. $2,300 was invested in a CD in November 2001 for 2.53% with annual yield of 2.60%. The balance of $1,187.11 is in the checking account.


Currently we have 33 paid members for the year 2002, which includes the 14 life members.

Scholarship Discussion:  In order for us to file our 501(c)3 papers, we need to have a defined scholarship plan. Therefore, the officers and directors need to meet and start to work toward our scholarship goals before the August 17th, 2002 meeting.



    1. President: Lou Harper
    2. Vice President: Bruce Brown
    3. Treasurer: Everett Simpson
    4. Secretary: Doretta York

Board of Directors:

a.      Stan Buchanan

b.     Art Lagasse

c.      Arnold Poland

d.     Lou Harper

e.      Jerry Burns

Mailing List Discussion:  Keeping up the mailing list is a never ending job. Some physical addresses have changed causing returned US Postal mail and E-mail addresses change frequently, causing that to be returned. When I receive returned mail, I take you off the active mailing list. Please try to drop me a note when there is a change since once I lose you, I may not be able to get you back. Also, the more E-mail addresses I have, the cheaper and faster I can get the newsletters out.


August 17, 2002 meeting:  The association's fourth annual meeting will be held at the Isaac Farrar mansion, 166 Union Street, Bangor, Maine, from 3:00-5:00 P.M.  Everett Simpson will contact Peggy Wentworth to reserve a meeting room at the former conservatory building.  The fee for renting a room for 2 hours is $50.00.


This year’s meeting marks the 30th reunion of the class of 1972. That was the last full class to graduate from the Conservatory and will mark the 30th year of the closing of the doors at Symphony Hall. We hope that this will be the largest Annual meeting yet so mark the day and time on your calendars.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Doretta S. York

Secretary of ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of the 1929-1973 Northern Conservatory of Music











Membership Application 2002 Calendar Year


NAME:____________________________________­­­­_______ TEL:_____________­­­­­­­________


Mailing Address:____________________________Town:_____________St.___ Zip_________


Annual Dues                                         $ 20

Lifetime Dues                                    $200


Dues Enclosed:____________________________________


Contribution to Scholarship Fund _____________________


                        Total Enclosed _____________________


Make check payable to:

Alumni Association of the 1929-1973 Northern Conservatory of Music

Please send your check with this application form to:

                                                                                    Everett Simpson

                                                                                    88 Pleasant Vale Road

                                                                                    Corinna, Maine 04928