ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of the 1929-1973

Northern Conservatory of Music


Vol.  5  Number 1                      Newsletter                                April, 2003


Greetings to all:


Hallelujah Spring is here!


There will be a one hour meeting of the Alumni Association on Friday, May 16 during the annual All-State Festival.  This year All-State will be held in Portland, on the campus of the University of Southern Maine.  

Building location:  Bailey (same building as the Library).   

Room 201.     May 16, 2003   4:50 PM

Agenda items will include progress on the scholarship program with discussion and suggestions from the group, financial report and other business.  Bring any memorabilia and stories you would like to share.


The Annual August meeting of the Alumni Association:

Miller's Restaurant, Bangor      Saturday August 16, 2003. 

The business meeting will begin at 3:00. 


The meeting this year is important because we will be voting on the recommendations of the Board of Directors for the groupÕs Mission Statement and Scholarship / Stipend design and the election of officers.  After the business meeting we can remain at MillerÕs for socialization and nourishment.


The Board of Directors met at the High Street Congregational Church in Newport on Saturday April 26th to start work on the recommendations for the Mission Statement and Scholarship / Stipend design as required by the IRS.   Their preliminary suggestions will be presented at the May meeting for discussion.  Any suggestions and discussions from the group will be noted and brought to the next meeting of the Board this summer, prior to our August meeting.   The goal is to have options to present for a vote at the Annual meeting, resulting in a Mission Statement and Scholarship / Stipend design.


Thanks to Bruce and Arnie for arranging meeting locations for the May and August meetings.  Any and all help with keeping this group on track and moving forward is greatly appreciated.