ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of the 1929-1973

Northern Conservatory of Music


Vol.  7  Number 4                      Newsletter                                November 2005




      TreasurerŐs Report Correction:

            Largest donor to date:              $114.46           Bottle drive returnables.  It was incorrectly stated in the September Newsletter as $140.16


      Membership Report Correction:

My apologies for omitting Sherri GilbertŐs name on the September Newsletter as a Life Member since 2001.


Resent News:


The following NCM Alumni Council will represent our alumni group at Husson in their mission to set up a school of music on the Husson Campus.

We are fortunate to have these quality people in our association.

Arnold Poland

Sherri Gilbert

Stephen Orlofsky

Kay Byther Eames


Message from the President:

    Greetings from your president at the beginning of the holiday season.  Like we used to be able to say in school Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year; that's the order it comes in this year, I believe.  I hope the season finds you well and the new year finds you prosperous.

    I have had news recently that the season is not going to be so happy for a couple of families, however.  During this past year, Walter Duguay died after suffering a brain tumor.  Even his name puts a smile on my face with the memories of that foolish smile, that bandana on his head that fiddle in his hand at his recital when his encore was done with the "gypsy violin." 


As my mentor, my freshman year, he taught me how to look good, if not sound good for violin class.  As a Franciscan brother, he was a spiritual inspiration, as well. 


His obituary ended with two lines very typical of Walter: "God has called Walter to join the Heavenly choir.  We all know that Walter had already become choir director."


   News recently, of Jack Clifford's battle with cancer sends prayers from us all, I am sure.  Bruce Brown has been a great support to the Clifford family and all who know and love Jack.  I'm sure we all join Bruce in praying that Jack have a better year ahead, than past.


    Well, folks as we all head past 50 we know that those things happen.  Let us celebrate when we can and enjoy the season wherever we are this holiday. 

    If you need to contact me, I will be in Maine from Christmas until almost Easter.  After 8 long years in Connecticut, I have earned a sabbatical and will spend it on Pemaquid Peninsula.  I will be working at the Carpenter's Boatshop, a Benedictine style retreat and apprentice program and living in Bremen.  Feel free to visit me there.  The number at the house is 207-529-2343 at 346 Waldoboro Road, (Route 32) Bremen.

    I wish you all a blessed holiday season.



Membership List


     Life Members:

            Olwen Bougher

            Carolyn Brasslett

            M. Stanley Buchanan

            Margaret Seaney Dowdy

            Catherine Byther Eames

            Carol J. Edgecomb

            Kathryn Foley

            Jeffrey Gagner

            Sherri Gilbert

            Louis E. Harper, Jr.

            Arthur Lagasse

            Linda Smith Nash

            Dawn Noonan

            Henry Noonan

            Stephen Orlofsky

            Arnold Poland

            Mary Rideout

            Jean Sigler

            Earle Stanhope, Jr.

            Frank Walker

            Doretta York


   Annual Members:

            Janice Gallant

            Timothy Gallant

            Robert Helstrom

            Diana Mosher

            Glenn Richardson

            Carole Shepard

            James Shepard

            Everett Simpson



            M. Paige Maurice Towne