ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of the 1929-1973

Northern Conservatory of Music


Vol.  8  Number 1                             Newsletter                                          June 2006



May 19, 2006

University of Maine at Orono


Treasurer Everett Simpson called meeting to order at 5:00 P.M.


Alumni in Attendance:

Arnold Poland, Roger Whitney, Doretta York, Everett Simpson, Glenn Correll, Jim Brown, Marlene Hall & Steve Helstrom


Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer’s report was given by Everett Simpson

Annual Report 2005

1.  Checking Account Bal, 1-01-2005                                     $   533.14



            Donations                                             43.70

            Membership dues                               560.00                         +  603.70



            Secretary of State Reports (2):             45.00

            Postage – Treasurer                              15.79

            Office Expenses Secretary                    90.00

            List-serve / Email service                      60.00                         -   210.79

                                    Ending Balance 12-31-05                                $  926.05


2.  Certificate of Deposit Account

            16 month term,  3-21-05 to 7-31-06

            Deposit                                                           4,477.78

            Interest income, 2005                                     +   85.10          $4,562.88


3.  Total Account Summary                                                               $5,488.93



Membership Report:

The Membership report was given by Everett Simpson

21 Life members 2005

  8 Annual paid members for 2005

29 Total

20 Life members 2006

  0 Annual paid members 2006

20 Total


4 NCM Alumni died during the last year.

Walter Dugay, Ward Shaw, Jim Whidden and Frank Walker (Frank was a life member)


Secretary’s Report:

The secretary’s report was given by Doretta York


Open discussion:

Doretta started a discussion about the NCM Alumni Council who were to represent our alumni group at Husson in their mission to set up a school of music on the Husson Campus.  So far Husson has not had any meetings for our people to attend.  In fact, in spite of a few attempts on Arnie’s part to contact Bill Beardsley and the Husson group, there been no response from them.


We again discussed web space and purchasing a domain name.  Arnie did a quick search and has found out that through we can purchase a domain name for $6.96 a year.  For Economy web space the price is only $3.59/mo for 5 GB of space and no advertising.   Arnie will further research and email list.  It was discussed that maybe Husson would give us space in the future.


NOTE: Since the meeting there has been considerable conversation on the NCM List-serve discussing photos and web space that Ralph and Liz Vose put up.  It is my understanding that Ralph would let us host our web pages there with FTP access for those in the group that would manage that space.  That means that we could get by with just purchasing the domain name.



As with all other years we talked about where people are now and some very funny stories about those days so long ago.



The annual August meeting time and location: 


The Weathervane Restaurant in Brewer

Saturday, August 12, 2006 at 11:00 A.M.




The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 P.M.