ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of the 1929-1973

Northern Conservatory of Music


Vol.  9  Number 1                             Newsletter                                     March 2007


Dear Friends of the Conservatory,


During the forty-four years of its existence the “REAL” Northern Conservatory of Music produced the majority of music educators in Maine. That wonderful little school shaped the professional lives of many of us and created great memories for everyone who attended.


We constantly hear the rumor that people think “a reunion would be nice.”  In order to test the validity of those rumors we have reserved the banquet room at the COACH HOUSE RESTAURANT, in BREWER for SATURDAY, JULY 28, 2007 from

6:00 – 9:00 PM for an evening of informal, un-structured, spontaneous surprises and renewed acquaintances !


We will order individually from the menu and enjoy each other’s company.  Bring a guest (s), your memories, pictures, etc, stay as long as you wish and be a part of something that could become a regular event, depending on interest.


This is a beginning!  The place, structure and demand for further gatherings are to be decided based upon the interest shown in July.


We need a minimum of forty (40) acceptances by May 15 or will be forced to cancel the reservation.


This mailing will go to the one hundred names in our files, but we know there are others we’ve not been able to reach.  Please help us. Contact a “long-lost friend.”  Be sure your class is represented.  Create your own “reunion group” and join us for what could be the

“start of something big.” (sorry!!)


Please reply with number of attendees to:

Via email:     (this is not the list serve address)


Phone:                        207-848-7726


Via US Mail: 

Doretta York
771 Hampden Road
Carmel,  ME   04419-3511


The committee for the 35 year Northern Conservatory Reunion

Jean Haskell Sigler                      Carolyn Strout Brasslett

Dawn Brooks Noonan                 Doretta Judkins York