ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of the 1929-1973

Northern Conservatory of Music


Vol.  9  Number 4                            Newsletter                                     Oct  2007


What a great beginning for our association’s Bi-Annual Reunion!  On July 28, 2007, NCM alumni and their guests met at the Coach House Restaurant in Brewer to renew friendships and discuss the future of our organization.   We lost track of exactly how many attended but it was somewhere between 38 and 40 friends and alumni.


The following alumni attended:

Carolyn Strout Brasslett ‘72,        Bruce Brown ’72,                     Stephen Card ’67,

Janice Wheelden Cox ’59,            Gena Churchill ’68,                 Nancy Card Cole ,59, Kay Byther Eames ’67                  Carol Nolette Edgecomb         Sherry Gilbert  ‘67

Robert Helstrom                           Donna Thomas Hodgkins ’67  Cindy Hudson  ‘72

Stephen Hudson ’72                     Cindy Mathews                        Cheryl McFadden ‘72

Marjorie Ingalls Moore ’64          Charles Nason                          Dawn Noonan ‘73

Henry Noonan  ’73                       Steve Orlofsky                          David Saucier ‘71

Jean Haskell Sigler ’60                 Everett Simpson ’71                 Doretta York  ‘73

Shirley Young  ‘72


We had a wonderful time, but YOU would have added to our joy!  We missed YOU.


In the absence of  President Lou Harper, Vice President Robert Helstrom opened the business meeting at 5:13 PM. with 19 members attending. Secretary and Treasurer reports were read and accepted. Everett indicated that we had 20 life members and 1 annual member at the beginning of the meeting, but were delighted to see others signing up during the meeting.


Officers were elected as follows :

            President – Robert Helstrom

            Vice Pres. – Henry Noonan

            Treasurer – Carolyn Brasslett

            Recording Secretary – Jean Sigler

            Corresponding Secretary  - Doretta York

            Board of Directors :  Robert Helstrom – term ends 2008

                                              Carol Edgecomb – term ends 2008

                                               Jerry Burns -         term ends 2009

                                               Lou Harper -         term ends 2010

                                               Arnold  Poland -   term ends 2010


Discussion concerning our scholarship resulted in Dawn Noonan, Robert Helstrom and Carol Edgecomb volunteering to study the growth of contributions and the proper way to distribute funds. We look forward to hearing from them after their deliberations.


At the close of the business meeting, old friends ate too much food (as expected), revived memories and just enjoyed being together. I was personally delighted to see a close friend after 36 years (and I recognized her the minute she stepped in the room!!).   I’m sure others experienced the same thing. That’s what reunions are all about. The majority agreed that this gathering should continue every two years.  Remember, this was the beginning and we anticipate great things in 2009.


During the cocktail hour before dinner was served we were entertained by a roving troubadour.  Gina Churchill brought her accordion and regaled us with music and song.  It was delightful!  Many thanks Gina.


It occurs to me that we owe a debt of gratitude to folk such as Lou Harper, Everett Simpson and Doretta York for ten years of consistent service to this alumni association.

Thank you for your vision and dedication.


We now need others to take an active role in order to continue their work. Reunions and scholarship funds do not “just happen”. It takes planning and commitment to generate such activities. Thanks so much to those who said they would be interested in helping plan our next get-together. We are counting on your participation.


It was so good to see everyone………



Jean Sigler, Recording Secretary



Editor’s Note:

Beatrice Farmer Milewski died Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007, at her home in Strong, after a long, courageous battle with cancer.  Those of us on the NCM List-serve have already read Bea’s obituary.  There was much reminiscing of old times and good memories of Bea and her wonderful family.  She will be missed very much.  In the US postal mailing to those not on the list-serve, I will include Bea’s obituary in full.


Doretta York, Corresponding Secretary.