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Graduation 1965

I have done closeups of this class, albeit fuzzy ones.
Anyone want to supply the names of unknowns???
Thank you,
Liz Vose

All Souls Congregational Church
William R Mague directing
Kathy McHale Powell Accompanist

Front Row: Pat Hollis, Meg Seaney, Kay Byther, Olwen Bougher
Second Row: Thursie Hammond, unknown, Shirley Ruskiniz, Sandra Brown
Third Row: unknown, unknown, unknown, John Lucarelli
Fourth Row: Don Dutil, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown.

Front Row: unknown, Bayla Frame, unknown, unknown
Second Row: Sherry Gilbert, unknown, unknown,
Third Row: unknown, Clyde Beane, unknown, unknown, Dan Robertson
Male way in back unknown
Obscured extreme right: Jim Whidden and Sadie Anne Coury

In Santuary, Left to Right:
Rev. Hugh Mullin, Catholic Chaplain at Dow Air Force Base.
L. Felix Ranlett
Sadie Anne Coury
A. Stanley Cayting
Wendell G. Eaton
Edward Prescott at pipe organ.

Graduation Luncheon at the Bangor House
Head Table:
Mr. and Mrs. L. Felix Ranlett
Mr. A. Stanley Cayting
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell G. Eaton

Right, Foreground:
John Lucarelli and family.

In pink:
Bev Higgins and Mrs Higgins
Front right:
Kathy McHale (in white) and Mrs. McHale.

Post Graduation Reception at NCM.
Kathy McHale and Sandy Brown
toast the past and the future.

Left to Right:
Sandy Brown, graduate
David Hovey, (future spouse of Sandy)
Bev Higgins (pink dress)
Bayla Frame (yellow sweater)

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