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Faces in 1963

Meg Seaney and Warren Gallant (RIP)

Getting ready for chorus rehersal
Hannah Brough (with folders), Kay Byther (left), Bev Higgins (laughing),
(Back) Chip Farnham (standing), Warren Gallant (in front of Chip), Jim Lufkin (pencil over ear)
Thursie Hammond (by NO SMOKING sign), Dave Hovey, Sue Gibbs,
Dan Robertson (in front of Jim Lufkin seated).

Just before class
L-R: Sue Gibbs, Martha Rhodes, Chip Farnham, Meg Seaney, Stan Buchanan, and John Lucarelli

Halloween get together at Miller's Restaurant
Beth Smart, Dave Paiva, Hannah Brough Paiva,
Chip Farnham, Meg Seaney, Linton Todd, Margaret Jeffrey, and others.

Halloween get together at Miller's Restaurant
Chip Farnham and Kathy McHale (Powell) hamming it up.

Halloween get together at Miller's Restaurant
On right are David Hovey and Sandy Brown (Hovey)

Christmas Party At the Oronoka Restaurant
(blue dress) Meg Seaney, (foreground with glasses) Hannah Brough,
(hands folded) Frances Hall, (foreground red dress) Sally Getchell
(sleeveless red dress) Kathryn Ann Foley, (grey jacket) Bill Mague
(left foreground) Lou Lemmings

Playing Charades
at the Valentine's Party, 1963

Doing the Twist in the Rec Room
John Lucarelli and Jane Dunn

Hanging out in the Rec Room
Peter Tyler, Unknown, Linton Todd

Silliness in the Rec Room
Mock wedding with Kay Byther

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