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Kay Byther ...teaching chord progressions. Dean Fernald is in the center of the picture. Carolyn Strout is the blond, and Cheryl McFadden is perhaps the person to her left.

Al Weymouth, teaching history of civilization in the Recital Hall. Bruce Brown is on the far right.

Aimee Simoneau, conducting the Conservatory Band

Jim Whidden giving Don Hovey a voice lesson.

Bill Mague instructing the Conservatory Chorus.
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Allen Fernald Faculty Member.

Marion McKenney Brass Class showing Kay Byther Eames with French Horn,
Olwen Bougher on the right, Donald Dutil and Sadie Anne Conry uner leftmost organ pipe.

Edward H Prescott in his studio.
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A. Stanley Cayting smiling over the balcony.
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A. Stanley Cayting.... Harmony Class, with (L to R) Warren Gallant R.I.P., Donna Tasker, and at chalk board, Beverly Higgins, and Sadie Ann Conry

Ellen (Peterson?) Noyes vocal teacher, taken about 1962. (check out the shoes)

Kathryn-Ann-Foley In her studio about 1962.

Herbert Monaghan, ... clarinet teacher, peering over the balcony.

Richard Snare, ... Trumpet teacher with John Lucarelli.

The Shaws, ... Anne R Shaw (NCM Registrar & Secretary)
Francis G Shaw (NCM faculty - percussion, academics, dean?)
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