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Mr. and Mrs. Mague

Graduation from Westminster Choir College around 1927. Bill was in the Coast Guard.

Picture of Mague and Mague..Mr. and his grandson, Bill.

The following is a PDF file:

Land donation on Petit Monan.

Thoughts from Donna Hodgkins, describing the Magues:

"Integrity and compassion is how I describe both of them when my children ask me about my college experience...the sparkle in Priscilla's eyes could charm anyone....I have Bill's grad pic out for my children to see, when they say that men have no integrity."

An OOPS memory from Wayne Johnson about Mrs. Mague:

I believe the Conservatory Band and Chorus did a Concert at Bangor Auditorium in the Spring 67. The grand piano on stage was in the way, so Mrs Mague gave it a push and the front leg gave way and fell to the floor. A bunch of us picked it up, moved piano to the side and put leg in place.

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