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I found a picture of Dean Fernald with his band at

I also found some nice info on Eric Ordway (Dick & Jan's younger son) that was very interesting. Both Ordway


Liz...that is so funny you should mention the film...It "starred" Stephen Hudson and Bruce Brown...Steve and I thought it was the beginning of a movie career, but after Warner Bros. took it look at it, they said "NO"! I thought Dean wrote such a great screenplay, that it could do nothing but boost our acting careers..oh yeah, that's right, it was a silent movie that starts out with two bums rummaging in the Newport community dump...we loose control of a slightly used tire (approx. 200,000 miles), and we chase it through Plymouth, Etna, Carmel and Hermon, and finally it falls flat at the legs of our beautiful ping pong table in the cellar at the conservatory...oh I remember we had a cameo appearance by Glen Campbell played by Dave Roberts. Those were the days....

I left a message for Dean to get in touch with me through his Lucian Allstars website, but I don't know if he'll see it...I plan on flying down to see Dean in the next few months. He used to come to our home the week before Christmas for several years when he would take a rest from the road...He would play classical music on my nylon string guitar, and my children (now 36, 33 and 31) would fall asleep on the living room floor....they loved Dean, for he did not know how to treat them like kids, so would talk to them as adults, and to this day my kids love him...thanks for those special times are certainly one of a kind, and I think all who knew him from the conservatory all love and respect him...those were the days my friend...


Hello all. Jim and I have made contact with Dean. He is living in Treasure Island, FL. We found him by calling the phone # of the band he plays in - Lucian and the Allstars. Cindy Hudson found the website. Jim talked with him and we will be seeing him the 25th of Feb. when we go to our place in Clearwater. Dean was surprised to hear from us. We of course were surprised to find out that he was so close all these past 5 or 6 years that we have been going to Florida. I don't have his phone # at the moment, but will get it from Jim and send it along. Dean said it was OK to pass the number out so people could call if they wanted to. I believe he has an e-mail address, but we didn't get it from him yet. We'll take pictures and send some out.


Carole and Jim,

I am so glad that you are helping some of us make contact with Dean. Sue and I are about to go to court on #13 and 14, twins better known as Brandon and Vincent, now ages 18 months. Vinnie is blind and his neurologist says in the "gifted" range of intellect. Not that he will be a musician, but we would like him to know Dean and the kind of things visually impaired kids can do, like ride bikes down Main St. in Bangor, despite their handicaps. Dean was one of the reasons Sue and I knew we could help Vinnie grow and become more than his roots have done---spending their lives in prison. He is walking and talking and entertaining folks already and with all the music that goes on in this house, doesn't really have much of a chance. Unfortunately, he seems to be more of a drummer at this point. We await Dean's phone number.


Hello again. Dean plays on Sunday and Monday evenings at The Wine Cellar in N.Reddington Beach, FL. He lives not far from our place -about 15 or so miles I would guess. Jim is invited to sit in on their jam session on Monday evening the 25th. He plays (or did play) in several different bands. He is currently writing some music for a musical play that someone wrote. Jim says he doesn't have e-mail, so everyone will just have to use the phone. The band member that Jim talked to had nothing but good things to say about Dean. Jim said - you don't have to tell me. He's truly a gifted musician and a great person. We can't wait to see him.


Hi Everett...I would love to recreate "All Tired Out"! I can't believe you remembered the title Everett, that's very impressive! Steve, did you hear that...we've been asked to revisit the Newport dump...are you up for that? Maybe this summer? Dean tried to keep the 8 millimeter film from getting brittle, but sadly (or fortunately, whether you liked the film or not), it disintegrated. Just think, today it could have been digitally restored...we had no idea of the technology that was about to be developed in the next few years. Can you imagine hearing the word "email" in 1968...what kind of looks would you have gotten...then try to explain it...

Everett, the name of the piece Dean wrote was called "Menagerie"...I loved that piece...and even though I couldn't do it justice at the time, I lulled my mind into believing I was playing it just the way Dean wanted it...I didn't realize that when Dean said he's never heard anything like it, that it was a negative commentary (yes I did....I wasn't that naive!)...
Talking about Dean has been great fun!...thanks everyone...



It was "Menagerie" Dean never attempted to explain it and when the 5 of us asked if it was a managerie of brass sounds or what it was a managerie of, he simply said, that was the title of it.

He had a fit one night and the next day took the music to UMZero. He asked the head of the composition dept. Dr. Collins, why he had so blatantly plagerized. It seemed that the melody of the piece, if you could call it a melody, was almost exactly like the theme from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show. He was so embarrassed! Dr. Collins listened to him play the Rocky theme then the Menagerie and said that although he could hear the simiarity that it was in no way plagerism because Dean's work was so much more developed than the stupid cartoon music. Dean was only moderately relieved but never told anyone about his discovery. We continued to play Menagerie.


I guess I better jump in.....most everyone who is my age, including me, had stacks and stacks of comic books.....and the town dump received a lot of them......who knows what will be treasure later on in life.....If I had just a 10th of those from the dump I would be sipping margaritas somewhere it was I had a VINTAGE Rawhide comic, starring Rowdy Yates(Clint Eastwood) tucked away in the safe at home and in 2005 my then wife tossed it out. so many people collecting trivia and paying good money for it.

So it goes........I worked with Dean for a few years and probably got to know him as well as anyone can. He was an admitted eccentric (and proud of it). I went to his home in Enfield several times and once was helping him store some things while we went on a road trip. In one up stairs bedroom there had to be at least 5000 lp records stacked from floor to ceiling; and it was a varied and eclectic sortage.....operas, country and western, middle eastern music, Spike Jones, 50s and 60's pop music; big bands, little bands, bands his father liked. Dean used to go to the stores that sold records and clean out the discount bins....He would bore easily and change instruments on a whim. And he sometimes went for the left handed compliment (ex. "The way you play that makes me want to cry") but he has a good heart and was given (and developed) an enormous musical talent. I first met him at Music camp in UMOrono in the 60's....he would do theory homework for people.....He got it, many of us didn't. Music camp was part social/part music. He was all about the music. In the Summer, it was told, you could sometimes go by his house in the early morning hours and find him practicing tuba on the lawn....howdy neighbor....He is a remarkable person.

Robert Helsrom

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