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Farewell Concert

The following cuts were recorded by Doretta York from the original album and were posted here on February 25, 2008. There were a few cuts with skips, etc. and therefore are not included. If you have a copy, please send it to us. Also, let us know of any mistakes that we may have made. Left click (control click for Mac users) to download a selection.- Ralph and Liz

Farewell Concert Program (PDF Format)

NCM Chorus, William R. Mague, Conductor

Prayers From The Ark - Ivor R. Davies
Noah's Prayer
The Prayer of the Little Bird
The Prayer of the Raven
The Prayer of the Dove
The Prayer of the Mouse
The Prayer of the Cat

NCM Madrigal Singers, Mrs. Pricilla H.Mague, Director

Sing We and Chant It - Thomas Morley
So Well I Know Who's Happy - Orazio Vecchi
Now Is The Month Of Maying - Thomas Morley
Matona Lovely Maiden

NCM Stage Band - Richard Ordway, Leader

Mr. Tubbs - Dick Fenno
Mantilla Lace - DeRosa

NCM Concert Band, Aime' M. Simoneau, Conductor

Brasses On Parade
Overture To Fidelio - Beethoven
Symphony No. 1 (Finale) - Borodin
Overture to Magic Flute - Mozart

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