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Trombone Mutes

In the fall of the year of 1965, 16 brave souls formed a Stage Band at the Northern Conservatory of Music in Bangor, Maine.

We had to hold practice across the street at the Elks Club as any music that wasn't deemed proper, was not allowed to be played in the conservatory until 2100, 9 o'clock, or when the big hand is on the12 and the little hand is on the 9.

The 4 Trombone Players needed mutes that at Viners Music Store where around $3 each but the rubber toilet plungers at the Mom and Pop's hardware store where only 29 cents. Beer at the time was going for around $.80 to $1 a 6 pack, it was just economics 101of were the mutes would be bought.

One of the bone players couldn't go that day so I offered to go in his place.

Ralph had this Idea. We would go in one at a time and order a toilet plunger and we didn't want the stick that came with it.

Ralph goes in first and the man asks if he can help him. Ralph says I need that toilet plunger right there. The man picks it up and starts to put the stick in the hole. Ralph say I don't want the stick. Man says, but the stick comes with it. Ralph says no stick pays and walks out.

Daryl goes in next and the woman asks can I help you. Daryl says I need a toilet plunger. She starts to put the stick in when Daryl says I don't want the stick. But you have to take the stick. Daryl says no stick, pays and walks out.

I'm next, and buy now we are being watched very closely. I ask for a toilet plunger and woman says and I bet you don't want the stick. Yes ma'am I say. I pay and I pass Roger as I'm going out.

Well Roger is not so lucky, as He gets the plunger with the stick in it.

We then go back inside and explain but somehow they didn't have a sense of humor.

This is the way it happened, in Bangor, Maine.

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